Frequently Asked Questions

Howdy Bike Rentals is a startup aiming to address the issues of last mile connectivity across India. It is a shared scooter rental service providing the economical, convenient and effective way to commute around the city. You can pick up our bikes at any of the hubs that is convenient/closer to you and drop it back at a hub that is closer to your destination
Howdy Bike Rentals is a scooter sharing application. On this application, you can rent two wheelers and use it as per your convenience. You can visit a mall, hang out with friends, travel to offices, run errands, etc. Everything with just a click
As soon as you download the application, you would find Howdy Zones in the vicinity near you. We are initially starting with 4 zones across Chennai. You would be able to see all the available zones in the vicinity of 5 kilometers from you. Our aim is to provide a Howdy zone at every 500 meters and we are planning to add more vehicles to our fleet. Incase there is no Howdy zone near you, kindly wait as we are rapidly expanding and do keep checking in frequently to see if there is a zone right next to you.
Howdy provides quick and real time two wheeler rentals. You can use it for short term commutes and use it to travel the time and distance per your comfort. Soon, we are launching our scheduled rides option where you can book it for daily rentals as well.
We require a picture of the front and back copy of your Original 2 Wheeler Driving license in order to reserve a scooter
No. It is a one-time process only and is applicable only for the first instance of app download. Once your KYC is done, you can directly reserve your bike every other time.
No. Without a valid standing license, you will not be able to user our services.
We are generally on our toes to get you moving. A normal time of approximately 15 minutes would be required to complete your KYC formalities.
As soon as you open our application, you would find all the Howdy zones available near you. You can use the arrow function next to each pickup zone to easily navigate to the nearest hub.
Once you have finalized on the pickup zone, please update your destination. The application would automatically show the closest drop hub from your destination. You can drop it at that particular hub or any other Howdy hub after your usage.
Yes. At the time of the trip, you can use the “Change Drop Location” to change the drop location of your bike.
Once you have updated the pickup and drop location, the application would ask you to select the bike of your choice. After selecting the bike, you would be required to make a payment towards security deposit to confirming your booking.
We currently offer a range of both Battery and fuel bikes. You can select the bike available as per your convenience at the time of making a booking.
  • We offer all payment modes as per your convenience. We offer the option to pay via Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Google Pay, Netbanking and Paytm.
  • For Paytm, the user is required to have a minimum balance of Rs.75 in his Paytm wallet to reserve a ride.
  • For other payment modes, the customer is required to make a security deposit equal to Rs.75 in reserving the bikes.
  • No Worries. In case you have used Paytm as your payment mode, the balance amount after deducting the ride charges is automatically refunded to your Paytm wallet immediately.
  • If you have used other online payment modes, the balance amount is refunded to Howdy Credits. Every Howdy credit has a balance equal to Re.1 which would be automatically applied at the time of booking the next ride.
  • For payments made via Cash, our customer executive at the Howdy Hub, will refund the excess amount remaining after deducting the ride charges.
  • The customer has to pay the excess of the charges (above the minimum deposit of Rs.75 collected at the time of booking) via any of the payment modes available. Only if the customer pays the balance, would he be able to make any further bookings with Howdy.
    Yes. Generally, any dues should be paid within a period of 5 working days.
    Every reservation has a validity of 20 minutes. If a customer does not scan a QR code within that time and begin his ride, the booking stands automatically cancelled.
    Yes, you can use the cancel option displayed on screen to cancel your booking. However, we do not recommend cancelling of bikes as the bikes are blocked exclusively for you upon your reservation.
    Once you have reserved the bike of your choice and reached the Howdy hub, you can scan the QR code stuck on the bike to begin your ride. Majority of our bikes are Keyless. So, you can lock/unlock the bike through the application itself.
    Incase you want to park your bike and take a break, you can choose the “Pause Ride” option on your mobile application. This will lock the bike and make it un-operational. Once you want to start the bike again, you can use the “Resume ride” option to start riding again. (Please make sure your Bluetooth is switched on while using this feature)
    We recommend to have a charge of atleast 20% on your mobile phone while using our services. Incase you realise that you are running out of battery, please end your ride at the nearest Howdy zone. If, incase, unfortunately , your phone switches off and runs out of battery. Don’t panic. Call our customer care at +044-XXXXXXXX(Contact no. also available on Google) and we will end the Trip at your location from our end. In such cases, kindly park the bike at a public parking spot and let us know. However, towing and handling charges of Rs.500 would apply for every such instance.
    After using the bikes, you can drop the bikes at any of the zones in your proximity. You can navigate to the closest Howdy zone through our application’s google maps feature and drop the bike at the hub. You can use the “End Ride” option to end the trip. Please make sure you drop the bikes ONLY at any of the designated HOWDY hubs.
    All our bikes have the Odometers installed and are digital. You can check the battery percentage/fuel level on the meter. For battery bikes, we recommend you to return the bikes at our hubs when the battery level is approximately around 20%.
    Do not panic. Please end the trip from the Howdy application. Also, please reach out to our Customer care support at +044-XXXXXXXX for reporting the issue so that our backend team will visit the spot directly and tow the bikes. Any surprise end of the ride at unauthorized locations (Other than howdy zones) without reporting would entail legal action and penalties.
    We are really sorry for the unfortunate incident. Hope you are safe and good. Please end the trip from the Howdy app at the earliest. Also, please be available as you might have to sign some formality documents with respect to the accident.
    Currently, we offer the maximum time limit of 24 hours for you to return our bikes to the Howdy zones. You will be charged the time fare, however, accordingly as per the bike retained. Incase you have booked a battery bike, Please keep an eye on the battery level and return the bike to the Howdy Zone as necessary based on the battery levels.
    Yes, certainly. You can fill the fuel and submit a printed copy of the bill (along with vehicle number). You can write to us along with attaching the photocopy of the bill to [email protected] and we will process the refund of the fuel amount(to Paytm Wallet) with a bonus of 20%(maximum of Rs.50 per ride) to Howdy credits(fully redeemable via Google Pay on a minimum balance of Rs.75).
    All the fares are automated and are calculated based on the distance and time travelled. Your final fare payable also take into consideration the Referral credits, Howdy Credits, Security Deposit and Coupons applicable. Please go through the charges detail for the list of charges for your ride. If you still have questions, please write to us at [email protected] or reach us at +044-XXXXXXXX
    Refer and Earn is our programme where you and the person you referred get exciting rewards. The person you referred gets immediately 50 credits on sign up and you get 50 credits when they complete their first ride with us. These credits can be used to pay off the ride charges post the usage in full.

    Referral credits are the credits offered to you in either of the ways:-

  • You download the app using another Howdy user’s referral code.
  • You invite your friend. Your friend completes the first ride with us and you get the referral credits.
  • Referral credits are automatically reduced at the time of final payment due. However, Referral credits cannot be used to pay the Security deposit amount.

    Howdy Credits are refunds processed to the customer’s account after deducting the ride charges involved(Ride charges are deducted from the Security deposit paid upfront). Howdy Credits are fully redeemable without any conditions to a user’s Google Pay number or can also be used by the user during his next ride with us.
    Yes. You need to have a minimum of 75 Howdy credits to request payment to your Google Pay account. Please note that the refund would be processed to the same mobile number that is registered with us.
    Absolutely. Howdy Credits are like real money and you can use it in setting off the Security Deposit and the ride amount/ride due as well.

    Your total balance payable after the ride will be calculated as follows:-

    Total Ride Charges:- Rs.XXX


  • Security Deposit – Rs.XXX
  • Howdy Credits – Rs.XXX
  • Referral Credits – Rs.XXX
  • Coupon Discount – Rs. XXX
  • Balance to be Paid – Rs.XXX
    In case the amount above is less than Rs.75(amount collected as security deposit), the customer would get the refund directly into the Howdy Credits immediately from where it can be transferred to the Bank account while Google Pay. Note: - Any balance remaining after the ride will be automatically and immediately reversed to Paytm, if Paytm is the option being used for making the bike reservation.
    Yes. If the booking is cancelled due to the lapse of 20 minutes/if the booking is cancelled by you, the security deposit paid will automatically get refunded to your Howdy credits. You can use these Howdy Credits to pay for the future rides and can also withdraw the amount to your Google Pay (Minimum balance of 75 required for withdrawal). Incase the payment was made through Paytm wallet, it is automatically released back to your Paytm wallet.
    You will not be able to charge the scooter on your own. You will have to drop the scooter at any of the Howdy Zones. We will replace the batter and make it ready for the next ride. However, if you anticipate in riding the battery bike for a longer distance, we will provide an additional batter, if available, based on the request.
    Yes. Your safety is our priority. The maximum permissible speed in driving the scooter is 65 kmph. Every instance of over speeding would result in a fine of Rs.150 charged in your final bill.
    Your helmet would be within the trunk. Once you unlock the scooter, you can find the helmet within the trunk and you can even reach out to the hub executive should you need any additional helmets. In case you did not find the helmet within the scooter, you can end the trip and scan the QR code on another bike.
    No worries. Your belongings are safe. Please reach out immediately by calling us at +044-XXXXXXXX or write to us at [email protected] and we will do our best in giving it back to you

    Please make sure

  • The phone has an active internet connection
  • You are close to the scooter
  • You close the application and re-open it and try once again
  • You are ending the ride at a “Howdy Zone”
  • If the problem persists, please reach out to us at +044-XXXXXXXX and we will help you out.