Who are we

Howdy Address:- No.125, Varadha Muthiappan Street, Sowcarpet, Chennai – 600079

Howdy is a young team led start up that aims to address the issues of last mile connectivity throughout the country. Our goal to provide affordable two wheelers on rent. The idea of Howdy, started in 2018. As youth, we were happily spending our time exploring different parts of the country and choice of transport was an existential question back then. We observed that many people wanted to ride on the comfort of their two wheeler but were unable to afford. That’s when, the concept of Howdy nurtured!

Public transportation and cabs are the only mode of transport available for a common man to commute through the city. What if you wanted to travel to a number of places but you do not have your own vehicle to do so? We at Howdy, wanted to create a sustainable two wheeler sharing model where people can pick up the bikes from any hubs near them and visit anywhere and whenever they want to. They can use the bikes as per their convenience and drop it at hubs closer to their destination. And yes, we are here to make your life easier and sweeter.

Take us to experience simpler, smoother and faster travel.

Take us as you go to meet your friends.

Take us as you go on a movie date.

Take us as you go on a leisurely long drive at the Marina.

Take us as you to your office.

Take us as you go on a spiritual visit to the architecturally brilliant temples.

Take us as you go to a shopping mall.

Take us as you go to experience the aura of the sunrise at Marina.

Take us to zip through the city traffic.

Take us to visit a roadside food joint.

Take us to experience the Howdy way

Imagine as a child you always wanted to ride a bike and scoot around the city as long as you want to, comfortably and happily without you having to worry about anything? We are happy to serve you that